Camping Moraira (Alicante)

Camping Moraira (Alicante)
Moraira (Spain)
Custom projects

For this project, a traditional format such as handmade Escama roof tile was combined with a novel technique called chemical vapor deposition or sputtering, which involves coating a nano-metal layer of titanium and its complex derivatives of reactive gases over ceramic products through plasma created in high vacuum chambers, sized for the treatment of these pieces.

The material obtained by this innovative technique becomes a differential product with important added value in both its technical and aesthetic properties, such as increased surface hardness, wear resistance, corrosion and air attacks, and metallic finish. All this properties gives us greater stability and durability.

For the design of the roof, was provided a total of 1700 units of handmade Escama roof tiles and 40 edges.

Roof Tiles and Finishings

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