roof tile CIGS

The SOLAR FLAT-10 tile integrates perfectly into the roof, maintaining the same aesthetic appearance as a ceramic tile, preserving the line and usual thickness of the covering layer as thin as the tile itself.

Dimensions 457 x 1.268 (mm)
Weight 9.30 Kg.
Nominal Power (Pmax) 56 Wp
Units /m2 2,22 – 2,02 units
Power/m2 maximum 123 Wp/m2
m2 – 1 KWp 8.12 m2
Units/kWp 17.86 units
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For a 3 kW installation with a 3.000 W inverter, 54 SOLAR Flat-10 tiles will be required. The optimum configuration features 6 strings in parallel with 9 panels in each string. The power output of this configuration is 3.024 Wp, producing an annual energy output of 4.736 kWh.


9 // 9 // 9
9 // 9 // 9

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All the photovoltaic panels that make up the final products included in the SOLAR range of Tejas Borja guarantee power generation for more than 25 years (with 80% efficiency of performance) and a 10-year guarantee of integrity of the photovoltaic cells*.

*Check the terms and conditions of the warranty