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OWNER OF THE WEBSITE: This website belongs to TEJAS BORJA, S.A.U. (hereinafter TEJAS BORJA) with VAT ESA46068599, with corporate address for the purposes of compliance with art. 10 of the Law of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, at Carretera Lliria-Pedralba, Km.3 S/N, 46160 in Lliria and registered in the Trade Registry of Valencia in Volume 3937, Page 107, Sheet V-16953. You can contact us through the e-mail address info [a] tejasborja.com

PURPOSE OF THE WEBSITE: TEJAS BORJA makes available to the public (hereinafter, the user) that accesses tejasborja.com (hereinafter, the WEBSITE), information about the products and designs generated by the company.

ACCESS TO THE WEBSITE: Certain sections of the website do not require previous registration by the users; therefore any use can freely browse the site. Registration is only required to access the private area from where the complementary materials for the products offered by TEJAS BORJA can be downloaded and accessed. These conditions for use are applicable to all users that browse and visit the website, independently of whether they register or not.

CORRECT USE OF THE SERVICES: The user is obliged to use the Services in a diligent, correct and legal manner and, in particular, without limitation, the following is expressly prohibited:

  • to use the services in a manner, with purposes or effects that are contrary to law, to morals and to decency as generally accepted or to public order or that damages rights to image and honour;
  • to reproduce or copy, distribute, permit public access through any modality of public communication, transform or modify any content on the web except where authorisation is provided by the owner of the corresponding rights or where legally permitted;
  • to perform any act that may be considered a violation of any intellectual or industrial rights pertaining to TEJAS BORJA or to third parties;
  • to employ the services and, in particular, information of any type obtained through the Website to issue advertising, communications with the purpose of direct sales or any other type of commercial purposes, unsolicited messages addressed to a variety of people independently of the purpose, as well as to market or distribute said information in any way;

The user will be responsible for all damages and loss of any nature that TEJAS BORJA may suffer, arising from the non-compliance with any of the obligations expressed above or any others included in the present General Conditions and/or imposed by the Law in relation to the use of the Website.

CODE OF CONDUCT: The users may contact TEJAS BORJA and interact with certain sections of the website, either through the Blog or by sharing sections on social media, provided that the following code of conduct is complied with:

  3. IT IS EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED to present, quote and recommended companies or websites, and in general to perform actions of marketing or spam. This type of content will be deleted together with the accounts that performed this action, and this may be made known to the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

PROPERTY RIGHTS: All of the content of the Website, such as texts, opinion articles, graphics, photographs, logotypes, icons, images, as well as the graphic design, source code and software, are the exclusive property of TEJAS BORJA or third parties, the rights to which are legitimately held by TEJAS BORJA and are therefore protected by national and international legislation.

It is strictly prohibited to use elements of industrial or intellectual property for commercial purposes, as well as distribution, modification, alteration or decompilation, particularly in relation to the designs of the collections shown.

EXCLUSION OF WARRANTIES AND RESPONSIBILITY: TEJAS BORJA reserves the right to interrupt access to the services at any time and without prior warning, whether due to technical, security, control or maintenance reasons, or electrical supply failures or due to any other justified reason.

Consequently, TEJAS BORJA does not guarantee the reliability, availability or continuity of the Website or the Services, therefore the use of the same by the users is undertaken at their own risk, without, at any time, responsibilities being claimable from TEJAS BORJA in this sense.

Also, TEJAS BORJA does not assume any derived responsibility, including but not limited to:

  • From the use that the users make of the materials available on the website, whether prohibited or permitted, in violation of the intellectual and/or industrial content property rights of the website itself or the sites of third parties.
  • From the potential damages and loss to users caused by normal or abnormal operation of the search tools, from the organisation or the localisation of the content and/or access to the services and, in general, from the errors or problems generated in the development or instrumentation of the technical elements that form part of the service.
  • From the content of the pages to which the users may access from links included on the website.
  • From the actions or omissions of third parties, independently of whether said third parties are linked to TEJAS BORJA through a contract.

In the same way, TEJAS BORJA excludes any responsibility for the damages and losses of any type that may be due to the presence of viruses or the presence of other damaging elements contained on the site that may produce alterations to the computer systems as well as to the documents or systems stored in the same, therefore TEJAS BORJA will not be responsible in any case if the following occur:

  • Errors or delays in the access to the services by the user when entering their details to the corresponding form or any anomaly that may occur when these incidents are due to problems with the internet, unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure and any other unforeseeable events beyond the control of TEJAS BORJA.
  • Failures or incidents that may be produced in the communications, deleted or incomplete transmissions, such that there is no guarantee that the services on the website are constantly operational.
  • Errors or damages produced to the website due to inefficient use of the service and bad faith of the user.
  • Lack of operation or problems in the e-mail address provided by the user for the information requested to be sent to.

In any case, TEJAS BORJA commits to solve the problems that may arise and to offer all support necessary to the user in order to reach a quick and satisfactory solution for the incident.

LINKS TO OTHER WEBSITES: TEJAS BORJA does not guarantee nor assume any type of responsibility for the damages and loss suffered due to access of the Services/content of third parties through connections or links to the linked websites nor the accuracy or reliability of the same. The function of the links that appear on TEJAS BORJA is exclusively to inform the user of the existence of other sources of information on the internet, where they can extend the Services offered by the Website. Under no circumstances will TEJAS BORJA be responsible for the result obtained through said links or for the consequences derived from access by the user to the same. These third-party Services are provided by the same, therefore TEJAS BORJA cannot control and does not control the legality of the Services nor the quality. Consequently, the user must take extreme care when evaluating and using the information and services existing in the third-party content.

It is expressly prohibited to enter any hyperlinks with trade purposes on websites other than TEJAS BORJA that permit access to this website without the express consent of TEJAS BORJA. In any case, the existence of hyperlinks on websites that do not belong to the company will not imply, under any circumstances, the existence of commercial or trade relationships with the owner of the website which establishes the hyperlink, nor acceptance by TEJAS BORJA.

DATA TREATMENT AND USE OF COOKIES: In accordance with the stipulations of personal data protection legislation, we hereby inform you that the personal information you give us by using our website or by emailing us will be processed by TEJAS BORJA, in their capacity as processing manager, acting under the power granted to them by the permission given by the user, for the purposes detailed in our Privacy Policy, which the user must read, understand and accept in order to use this website.

On the other hand, TEJAS BORJA informs you that by visiting this website, no personal data that identifies a User is registered automatically, however some information which is non-personal and does not identify a specific User is collected during the live session so that, through devices known as “cookies”, we can obtain statistical information about the use of the website in order to later perform improvements. All users must consult our Cookies Policy in order to browse the website.

In any case, all users have the right to exercise, at any time, the rights to access, rectify, cancel and oppose by contacting TEJAS BORJA through the e-mail address info [a] tejasborja.com

APPLICABLE LAW AND JURISDICTION: For any interpretative or dispute issues that may arise, Spanish legislation will be applicable and, in the case of controversy, both parties agree to be subject, expressly rejecting any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Lliria (Valencia – Spain).

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