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Last Tuesday I had the chance to visit 110 years old family business in Valencia, where the 3rd generation is on charge.

After my meeting I came to learn more about its development, difficulties and actual challenges and I had a solid conclusion: We must be proud of our local businessmen. In the case, the company has specialized in the manufacturing of roof tiles with a global production of 65 million units per year being considered a reference of high technology in the industry. I believe that as entrepreneurs have taken many strategic decisions and attitudes brave and intelligent, that I wish to comment, but for lack of space, I am compelled to point out, only five of them because they are the ones that caught my attention, but since then the list has not the slightest intention of being closed or exclusive. The first, as I said is specialization. Working only one product allows the factory to offer a vast and complete range of colours, shapes and formats, so any need in the market could be satisfy. These decisions are not easy to be taken and they prove a certain conclusion: as a company they know what they want and they have a strategy to achieve it.

The second was to invest in increasing its capacity and increase its productivity in 2004 and 2006. This is a must see factory because they are modern and are focused on strategic purpose, but mostly they are brave, very brave. The resources generated are reinvested in the business and are supported with external capital in a time when the construction industry was an easy and profitable target. Let s put it this way, as shareholders they risk and reinvest.

Third is about internationalization. Portugal, France and Germany, also Persian Gulf and America. With marketing and distribution networks in each country. Only those who have tried to export in countries like France they know how hard and difficult it is to try to get in and put a dent in highly protected and closed areas. Therefore, being competitive and having an adequate productivity become key elements for success in international markets.
Next is the amount of space, people and time, in other words, resources and efforts, what it is, money spent on innovation and development. Lines and departments working exclusively in order to get novelties and a common goal which is a better adjustment to the customer needs. Investment in the short term, it will be profitable, but are essential to achieving the desired positioning and productivity.

And last but not least, I was impressed by the effort and work capacity combined with a large dose of humility that motivates them to be prepared and trained for the next challenges that this decade will face.

Being with Pablo Casanova meant to reconfirm things I already knew, or as some had imagined, and is a true example that I can say loudly that we should be proud of our businessmen and leave the question to whom it may concern: What else should be done by a company that is specialized, keeps investing, innovating and reaching international market to face the crisis? Don t you think they deserve all the support and backing to confront these difficult times?

19 de April de 2010

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