Eave line - Decocurvas®

TB-12® Cover Decocurva®

Weight: 2.00 Kg.
Measures: 37 l 17 w 7 h (cm)
Units: 5 u/Lm

Units per pallet: 140 units
Minimum order: 5 units
34-046: Nature TB-12® Cover Decocurva®
34-187: Centenaria® TB-12® Cover Decocurva®

Tejas Borja innovative design for TB-12® roof tile that starts eave line, overhangs about 15 cm. on the front to avoid dampness and stains on the wall, and the pitch of the first course of roof tiles. Once installed, its appearance reminds of eaves finished with traditional curved tiles.

* It is used for eave line formation, together with TB-12® Pan Decocurva®.

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