The biggest Bio Passive wood hotel in Spain is being built

The first Bio Passive building made from Kuusamo wood in Spain will be in Asturias

In the small asturian village of Cuerres, that belongs to the council of Ribadesella, there has been constructed the bio passive ‘Reposo del Andayón’ (‘Rest of the Andayón’), a country hotel that also has a part of it that works like a hostel for pilgrims because the village is located on the route that covers the Way of St. James (Camino de Santiago) through the Cantabrian coast from Irún. The complex complements itself with a little farm and an ecological orchard, to obtain daily products for guests and the team.

The peculiarity of this new construction, with more than 800 square meters of surface, is that it has been executed under the guidelines of the bio passive architecture, with constructive sustainability criteria, free of poisonous or pollutant substances, it recovers and in harmony with the natural environment that surrounds it. Also, this new project has been designed like one of the bigger buildings of wooden structure of the whole Spain.

Thanks to several ecological systems for production of energy, like mills to transform the force of the wind into energy or cauldrons of biomass the building will not be using fossil fuels like gas or diesel.

The structural material used has been the Finnish red pine, which also has been used in the revetments and isolations in different variants and formats. The finished exterior has been made off by a revoke of lime finished in silicate, to contribute resistance and waterproofing, but allowing the building to perspire.

For the covering of this bio passive building they have used ceramic roof tiles, because these are a 100% recyclable material, since they are made of clay. The roof tiles chosen for this project had been the interlocking TB-10 tiles in Fosca finishing from Tejas Borja.

We in our company are very satisfied that the promoters had choose our roof tiles for this type of pioneering projects in our country, highly efficient and healthy, that contribute to taking care of the environment and are constructed in harmony with the environment that surrounds them.

The owner of the property and developer of the project is a Franco-Belgian woman called Katrine Duerinckx, pilgrim and ‘Camino de Santiago’ lover, which, after residing 30 years in Murcia (Spain), decided to begin this new adventure in Asturias.


El hotel de madera biopasivo más grande de España


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8 de November de 2016

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