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BIM Library by Tejas Borja

What is BIM?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a construction project management system which enables the simulation of the entire lifecycle of a project, allowing the user to see if it can be built.
BIM is also an information management tool which allows every detail of a building to be modeled using 3D parametric objects. BIM enables the generation and storage of all the information necessary to complete the different lifecycle stages of construction projects. The use of BIM in the design of a building enables those involved in the construction process to collaborate and use the same information efficiently at every stage of the project.

BIM models are virtual objects created from real-world data, used in the management and monitoring of construction projects.

BIM objects by Tejas Borja

Tejas Borja BIM Library contains files for the ceramic tiles in our PREMIUM range in Revit and ArchiCAD format. Our BIM objects are currently connected to the BIMobject database, the world’s largest platform for BIM content. Tejas Borja, as a ceramic tile manufacturer, can connect with architects and engineers all over the world through this database.

Today, models of Tejas Borja’s PREMIUM range tiles can be found in the BIMobject database, including the BorjaJET flat ceramic tiles with a digital print finish.

Using a BIM model allows you to:
• Create a highly-accurate virtual replica of a project.
• Reduce the need to remodel and make changes to your design. A BIM model contains more information and parameters than a traditional design set and can be updated constantly. This leads to savings in time, money and materials, as well as the ability to generate more accurate quotes, by incorporating the real specifications of the building materials to be used into the planning stage of the project.
• Check how the building would respond to different conditions. When specific BIM objects are inserted into a model, the calculations become more precise and everything from the environmental impact of the building to its maintenance costs can be taken into account.

The BIM files in the BIMobject platform enable all the elements of a model to be updated in real time, eliminating the risk and downsides of using out-of-date or incorrect files. At the same time, offering high-quality BIM objects which are easy to access and download, allows our tiles to be integrated into an earlier stage of the design process, supporting the architect by enabling them to make design decisions which are better specified, communicated and executed.

Note about the regulation…

With regard to regulations, BIM is widely used internationally but it is not yet used across the board. In Europe, Directive 2014/24/EU on public procurement has established the need to use electronic systems (communication methods and tools to model building data) in the process of contracting works, services and supplies from September 2018 onwards. In particular, Article 22 of the Directive makes specific reference to building information electronic modeling tools or similar. Said article means that EU member states may demand the use of specific tools for building information electronic modeling in their processes of contracting works, services and supplies.


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