Ceramic roof tiles on pitched roofs

Why choose ceramic roof tiles for the roof instead of another material?

Ceramic roof tiles (clay roof tiles) are the result of the use and management of natural raw materials which by their nature have proven their quality over thousands of years. Our roof tiles are known for their durability, high strength, dimensional stability and high performance thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings.

Given their continued use over time, one can say that the roofs coated with ceramic roof tiles are a traditional element in the landscape. When thinking about building a house, the “roof” concept is associated with the bright colours of ceramic roof tiles, safe and durable. A ceramic roof tile roof offers added value as an element of comfort in the home, with permanent protection and additional aesthetic value.

Nowadays, although competing with alternative materials, more and more the ceramic roof tile is said to be the best solution. This is due not only to their aesthetic features, but their properties and performance even under the action of the most severe weather conditions. Our products are long lasting and environmental friendly.

In our catalogue you will find wide range of ceramic roof tiles, different shapes, sizes, textures and colours, from the most traditional roofing tiles to perfectly Flat roofing tiles that can adapt to new architectural forms.

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18 de May de 2016

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