Dry installation of clay roof tiles


The fitting process of clay roof tiles is very important and it should considered at the time of choosing the material to be used on the roof.

Dry installation has significant advantages over conventional installation, as well as improving the performance of the roof during both summer and winter.

To ensure that the roof is installed correctly, air must circulate continuously in the space under the roof tiles. This micro-ventilation will allow air to enter via the eave lines and leave through the ridge lines, increasing through the use of ventilation roof tiles distributed along the roof.

During the summer, this air chamber will reduce the amount of heat received by the support for the roof tile and, therefore, the heat transferred into the building, reducing air conditioning costs.

In winter, indoor ventilation will prevent condensation from forming on the materials used to build up the roof (roof tiles, insulation, support, etc.), as they harm their durability. Furthermore, this condensation can affect the comfort of the building, producing moisture that is conducive to the formation of moss and bacteria that reduce the quality of the air inside.

With regards fittings, the use of mortar is not recommended due to its poor reaction with ceramics and the rigidity of joints. Roof tiles should be fixed mechanically or with adhesives made specifically for roof tiles, since these give the materials the necessary room to allow for the movements caused by expansion and changes in temperature.

To ensure their optimal installation, the Roof Tiles should be fixed to a support previously prepared with a double batten layout. Tejas Borja has a wide range of clay accessories and roof components as a solution for the ventilation, waterproofing, illumination and dry installation of roof tiles.

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27 de May de 2016

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