Earth Day: Strengthening our CSR commitment through our local roots

Today, 22 April, on Earth Day, there is no better time to reflect on our commitment to the environment and the community around us. At Tejas Borja, we recognise the importance of caring for and protecting our environment, and we believe that our local roots are the cornerstone of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment.



On this occasion, we express our commitment to CSR is through collaboration with Reforesfy, a non-profit association and the Town Council of La Polbla de Vallbona by carrying out an initiative that will benefit our environment. This year, we were privileged to donate 500 trees, a tangible contribution that reflects our commitment to environmental conservation and biodiversity. In addition, we put together a team of 20 people from our team and carried out the planting in the El Safareig area.

The reforestation day was not only a success in terms of environmental impact, but also became a team building experience for our team. Volunteers from our company enthusiastically joined together to plant trees and work together for a common cause. This experience not only strengthened team cohesion, but also reaffirmed our commitment to the environment and the community.

We believe that our local roots are fundamental to our commitment to CSR. By working closely with our community and harnessing local resources, we can create a significant positive impact on our environment.

On this Earth Day, we renew our commitment to be responsible for our planet and to work together to create a more sustainable future for all.


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22 de April de 2024

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