Edilians Group’s new CSR report

Edilians Group has published its annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report for the third consecutive year, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability and innovation in the roofing sector.

“Edilians Group’s goal is to be around in 100 years. That’s why we want to bring comfort and protection to the people who live here. This is what guides the trajectory of the Group’s development and its CSR strategy.”

Pascal Casanova
Executive Chairman Edilians Group

For two centuries, the Edilians Group has been built around a unique know-how dedicated to home protection. It’s now up to us to combine our expertise with the challenges of our time, to support the necessary transitions in our sector.

For the third year running, the publication of our CSR report bears witness to this concrete, collective and realistic commitment. It’s a commitment we’d like to share with you.

Sustainable roofing, for the comfort, well-being and future of all.

As a leading player in clay roof tiles and eco-housing in France and the Iberian Peninsula, we want to meet your expectations by developing innovative, resilient and sustainable roofing solutions. This means acting for a sustainable, low-carbon economy, while respecting our teams and our local communities.

It is on these convictions that we have built our CSR policy, with quantifiable objectives for 2025 and 2030.

2023 in a few highlights

  • Expand our eco-housing solutions: with a comprehensive offering dedicated to energy renovation and the integration of renewable energies, we train over 200 roofers every year on our solar products. In 2023, 400 of them have taken part in our BP electrical accreditation training for the installation of photovoltaic solutions.
  • Massively reducing our carbon footprint: 2023 marked the acquisition of Ceritherm, a pioneering manufacturer of energy-efficient industrial furnaces, reinforcing Edilians Group’s expertise in decarbonizing its industrial facilities.
  • Offering rewarding human career paths: June 2023 saw the conclusion of a new company-wide agreement in France on gender equality, diversity and disability, spelling out the Group’s means of action on these three commitments.
  • Structuring our actions: Edilians Group reaffirms its responsibility by confirming its support for the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact. At the same time, our company renews its EcoVadis silver medal in France (72/100, 94th percentile), and Edilians Tech obtains the platinum medal (80/100 99th percentile), for the evaluation of its CSR approach.

These achievements are just some of the avenues for progress on which we are renewing our commitment today and, in the years, to come. We invite you to discover more in our full CSR report.


Thank you for your trust and continued support.

Pascal Casanova
Executive President

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