How to choose a waterproof breathing membrane

Over the last years there has been an increasing use of this type of membranes under the roof tiles. The installers started using these as initial protection of the roof before this is completely finished, assuring the water tightness in case of rains during the execution of the works. After that the membranes are preventing from possible hurts due to water filtering through the tiles.

On the other hand, this increase of demand has done that there are on the market a big number of products of this typology, appearing sheets of different qualities and prices which in numerous occasions are compared between them, being this an erroneous behaviour.

The most important parameters to watch out regarding these membranes are that these sheets have an official declaration of properties (CE marked), where there remain indicated the values obtained in the obligatory tests that the norm demands to this type of products of waterproofing.

The most important technical parameters to choose a roofing membrane the following:

– Water vapour transmission (Sd)
– Maximum tensile strength along and across
– Resistance to tearing (nail shank) along and across
– Reaction to fire
– Resistance to Water Penetration

These parameters, together with the guarantees that the manufacturer offers, will determine the quality of the waterproofing and breathable membranes.

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1 de January de 2016

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