New formats 

Constructive solutions applied to sloping roof architecture


We are pleased to debut the largestce ramic tile on the market: unique in the sector and perfectly flat.

Its versatility means it can be used forboth sloping roofs and facades.


FLAT-10 Tech

A new generation of flat tiles now lighter and with greater definition. Its newdeeper joins make this format the perfectchoice for all kinds of projects.

They canbe used on any of the 5 continents in both sloping roofs and facades.


Innovative flat tile in a Marseilles style. Safer and technologically up-to-date.

The most versatile format on the market. A combination of tradition and technology to make all kinds of projects possible, from the most avant-garde to the most classic.

TB-10 Tech

Technological evolution in the largesize
mixed tile format. We have made improvements in the manufacturing and development process to give the tile even greater definition and make it completely watertight.

Ideal for architectural projects anywhere in the world.

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