About the use old recovery roof tiles

¿Are the old roof tiles reusable? Do they have any warranty??

Usually in old building we can find old roof tiles, basically Arab-style roofing tiles or Marseille roof tiles, that were originally handmade produced by smallold local “potters” so there is no guarantee to be used in a new deck or for a roof rehabilitation. According with the new mandatory CTE (Código Técnico de la Edificación / Technical Building Code) is mentioned for the supply of any construction material on site, the following:

“7.2.1. Control of documentation of supplies

1. The product suppliers must provide documentation and quality guarantees required for the products supplied. The suppliers will deliver to the builder, who will provide to the manager on site, all product identification documents required by the mandatory regulations. This documentation shall include, at least, the following documents:
a) Documents of origin, supply sheet and labeling;
b) The manufacturer’s guarantee certificate, signed by a natural person; and
c) lThe documents of conformity or administrative authorizations required by regulation, including documentation corresponding to the CE marking of construction products…”.

If we cannot find the manufacturer of the old mentioned roof tiles and there is no documentation for them, there will be no warranty and can be used only for decorative purposes and not to fulfill the functions for which the roof tiles are inicially made (covering and protection against rainwater and winds.)

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Did you know…?

Tejas Borja has been manufacturing Plana Alicantina, a flat roof tile format, Marseille type, since 3 generations. This makes it, a product suitable for replacement that fits in installation with similar old roof tiles, produced by different manufacturers.

…The Aged roof tiles finishes of Tejas Borja have been created by investigating how the roofs age in different geografic areas.

…The textures on the roof tiles that are represented in Centenaria range have been inspired by the millennial technique of the handmade manufacture of roof tiles. Faithfully reproducing the hands and fingers marking on the roofing tile, Centenaria is a reference in the industry.

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9 de August de 2017

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