GREENLAND: Villas, semi-villas, attached villas, and flats (Jordan)

GREENLAND: Villas, semi-villas, attached villas, and flats (Jordan)
Marj Al-Hamam (Jordan)
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Marj Al-Hamam, Jordan

The Green Land project introduces a new concept in living design in Jordan. Built on a 400.000 m2 with 500 units, the community offers residents a plethora of amenities, all with the common goal of returning to nature.The units will consist of villas, semi-villas, attached villas, and flats. Their outer appearance will be coordinated with the interior, giving a unified appeal. They offer an alluring alternative for families who want to build a luxury home in a tranquil community, but don’t have the time or the means.A shopping mall with a grocery store and a variety of restaurants, picnic areas and parks, shopping centers, restaurants, a health club and Spa, swimming pools, tennis courts, a kindergarten and a clinic are all brought together harmoniously within one community.


Distribuitor: Tzaki Jbara

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