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The BORJATHERM insulated panels are made of a central core of polyurethane foam (a material with high-performance insulating properties), surrounded by a protective layer of aluminium foil and finished with an integrated Alu-Zinc batten to enable the fixing of the roof tiles.
Available thicknesses from 60 mm to 160 mm and step of 370 and 395 mm as standard measures, being able to manufacture in other steps upon request.

When installed on the roof structure, the panels form,due to the low thermal conductivity it has, an uninterrupted sheet of insulation of maximum energy efficiency: λ = 0,022 W/m•K, and totally free of thermal bridges.

Polyurethane foam is a solid and uniform material with a high insulating capacity thanks to its low thermal conductivity. BORJATHERM panels are coated with aluminium, which combined to the PUR foam becomes one of the best insulating materials in the building industry and guarantees the best thermal performance possible, along with being extremely light-weight, long lasting and thermally constant (-50/+100°C), which makes it ideal for use under roof tiles.

BORJATHERM Panel 60 Step 370 – 7/0617

BORJATHERM Panel 80 Step 370 – 7/0618

BORJATHERM Panel 100 Step 370 – 7/0619

BORJATHERM Panel 60 Step 395 – 7/0620

BORJATHERM Panel 80 Step 395 – 7/0621

BORJATHERM Panel 100 Step 395 – 7/0622

0.37  x 3,94 m

0.395 x 3,94 m

Panel quantities according to project

Technical Sheet BORJATHERM

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