Length: 430 mm
Width: 257 mm
Weight: 3,00 kg/roof tile
Units/sq.m.: 12,3 roof tiles
Useful length: 370 mm
Units per ml eave line: 5 roof tiles

Minimum pitch: 40% – 22º (*)
Useful width: 25 mm
Lateral overlap: 3,7 cm
Head overlap: 6,0 cm
Weight per sq. m.: 36,9 kg
Waterproofing: Breathable membrane
Battens per sq. m: 2,7
Roof Tiles per pallet: 240 units / 730 kg
Roof Tiles per pallet container: 140 units / 425 kg // 210 units / 635 kg // 280 units / 845 kg
Minimum order: 6 roof tiles

FLAT roof tiles

FLAT roof tiles

The most versatile roof tile: A roof tile format that remains elegant and stylish over the years.

ALICANTINA-12 is a flat roof tile format that Tejas Borja has been manufacturing since 3 generations ago. This classic flat profile, known as French roof tile, has two curved lines as a barrel-pan effect and together with its installation in staggered formation (joints “heringborne” fashion) facilitates water drainage.

Approximate values: If the roof tiles are installed on battens, the useful length must be calculated on site. A tolerance of ± 2% is allowed on the dimensions of the roof tiles according to UNE – EN 1024.
Installation must comply with Code of practice for the design and fixing of roofs with clay roofing tiles for the region and Tejas Borja specifications.
(*) Check pitch pannel according to the roof length and the location.

Quality approvals (downloads)

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