Tejas Borja at Construmat 2024: Innovation and Commitment to Sustainability

Tejas Borja at Construmat 2024: Innovation and sustainability in roofing solutions. Discover our latest solar roof tiles and efficient systems. 

In the current scenario, where construction and rehabilitation play a crucial role in social, economic, and environmental transformation, events such as Construmat stand as pillars of change. This May, Tejas Borja will be present to highlight this platform that promotes energy efficiency and the use of sustainable materials.

Construmat, recognised as the benchmark trade fair in Spain for the construction sector, is much more than a commercial event; it is a meeting place for the exchange of ideas where thousands of professionals congregate to explore the latest innovations and solutions that will shape the future of the sector. This year 2024, Construmat will be held from 21 to 23 May at Fira Barcelona.

Tejas Borja, an Edilians Group brand, with more than 125 years of commitment to excellence and sustainability, will be present at Construmat, Barcelona, at stand 2D160. With a track record of innovation and tradition, the company will present its latest integrated solar roofing solutions, ceramic tiles, and efficient roofing systems.

Tejas Borja offers high quality products, promoting responsible practices that benefit both people and the planet. From the point of view of energy efficiency and sustainability, every detail of its products is designed to improve people’s lives.

In addition to efficient systems for pitched roofs such as BorjaTHERM and BorjaSAT, Tejas Borja will present the latest innovations in solar solutions at Construmat 2024. Its catalogue includes integrated solar tiles: the Solar Flat-5XL ceramic  roof tile, the unique roof tile that achieves perfect photovoltaic integration, and the Solar Flat-10 roof tile, the high-performance solution that is also the most effective in the case of partial shading.

For the first time, Tejas Borja will present the ERI integrated photovoltaic panels, ideal for any tile format. ERI, Easy Roof Integration, is a fixing system for integrating photovoltaic panels on pitched roofs and is the safest and most accessible solution offered by Edilians Group, to which Tejas Borja belongs.

Discover the most innovative solutions for roofs that not only meet the demands of the present, but also mark a path towards a more sustainable tomorrow.

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23 de April de 2024

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