Tejas Borja “How it’s made”

Tejas Borja on national TV: How it’s made (MADE IN SPAIN)

On Thursday, November 13th at 23:45 hours, TVE emits HOW IT’S MADE (MADE IN SPAIN) a program about manufacturing ceramic roof tiles.

Tejas Borja shows through this report submitted by Ruth Sanz major manufacturing processes of one of the more traditional models of ceramic roof tiles.

Tejas Borja, producer of roof tiles of the highest quality since 1899, meets the needs of the market with a wide range of over 200 profiles of roof tiles and accessories available in 50 finishings with a total of over 4500 possible combinations.

Currently exporting to over 65 countries, Tejas Borja develops and adapts its products to the requirements of each market.

 How it’s made – roof tiles

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14 de November de 2014

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