Tejas Borja’s SOLAR FLAT-5XL wins Jury Award at Archello Awards 2023

Tejas Borja celebrates that the Solar FLAT-5XL product has been awarded the prestigious title of Roofing of the Year in the Archello Awards 2023 category, as voted for by the jury.

Excellence in innovation and design

The Archello Awards recognise innovation, design and architectural excellence, and the selection of Solar FLAT-5XL as the winning product in the Roof Cladding of the Year category, as voted by the jury, reflects its high quality and innovative design. This recognition underscores the company’s continued commitment to excellence in roofing solutions and reflects the dedication and expertise of the Tejas Borja team, whose ongoing strive for excellence has once again been reinforced.

Award Sustained by International Jury Evaluation

Solar FLAT-5XL stood out among the entries, capturing the attention of the international jury with its distinctive design and advanced technical features. The decision of the Archello Awards 2023 jury reinforces Tejas Borja’s position as an innovation leader in the pitched roof sector.
We sincerely thank the renowned jury and the team who have continuously supported us in consolidating our position at the forefront of innovation in roofing solutions. Thank you for being part of our journey.

As we celebrate this achievement, Tejas Borja remains committed to constant innovation and delivering exceptional roofing solutions.

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11 de December de 2023

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