THE REVOLUTION of the ceramic roof tile sector

THE REVOLUTION in manufacture, decoration and installation of ceramic roof tiles. Continual investment in sustainable manufacturing processes and technological innovation have reslted in improvements n our working methods in three main áreas:


We classify our quality standards in 4 new categories according to the manufacturing process used to give our products their excellent definition and flatness. We denote these categories using icons depicting the exterior profiles which define them.


Logo Borja Extrem

Exclusive to Tejas Borja, a roller klin manufacturing process using ceramic clay with very low water absorption, less tan 3%,to produce large tiles.

Logo Borja Tech

Plaster moulds and H-cassette production. More compact clay. Very low absorption

Logo Borja Class

Manufacturing using high-quality, very fine, red sintered clay.  Very low  absorption and extremely strong.

Logo Borja Blanc

Selección de arcillas especiales blancas. Ideal para el clima mediterráneo con las destonificaciones naturales características de estas arcillas.


We classify our finishing techniques in 3 new categories according to the technique used.
We denote these categories with icons using a colour-filled circle as we are talking about the exterior finish of our products.


Logo Borja Jet

New Inkjet technology, the digital printing system allows us to create finishes never used before in the sector.

Logo Borja Line

Aged and monochrome, obtained through the application of engobes and creamic deposits.

Logo Borja Decor

Finishes obtained through double firing, glosses and glazes which prevent premature ageing.



The Brand new Tejas Borja SARKING SYSTEM  is a complete solution for external insulated pitched roofs, designed for use both in repairing and refurbishing roofs on old buildings or creating new projects. The advantages with this system are:

  • Máximum insulation  (λ=0,02 W/mk)
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Excellent roof ventilation
  • Without termal bridges
  • Insulation without losing space
  • Structure reinforcement
  • Quality and durability


24 de September de 2018

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