Thermal Insulated Roofing System

The BORJATHERM panel system is an “all-in-one” solution for the installation of ventilated tiled roofs which provide high levels of energy efficiency.

BORJATHERM prefabricated panels are made of a core of the highest quality polyurethane foam, surrounded on all four sides by a protective layer of embossed aluminium foil, which give the panel its excellent dimensional stability and very high resistance to breakage.
Each panel is self-supporting, requiring a minimal level of support which varies according to the thickness of the tile, and is finished with an integrated Aluzinc ventilated batten, which comes in the correct size for the batten spacing for the tiles to be used in each project.

As BORJATHERM panels are prefabricated and come with battens at the correct distance for the installation of all tile models, there is no need for continuous adjustments or taking measurements on site, generating a notable saving in time and labour.
By installing the product onto the roof structure, the panels constitute the load-bearing structure, vapour barrier, thermal insulation and under-roof waterproofing membrane in one single layer, as well as providing the equivalent of counter battens. This results in an improvement in roof installation efficiency of almost 40%.

The advantages

Energy efficiency

With regard to energy efficiency, BORJATHERM has a heat transfer coefficient of λ=0.022 W/m·K which is lower than those of competing insulation materials. This means thinner panels can be used to provide the levels of insulation required for each project.

For example, a BORTJATHERM panel only 6-cm thick could be used to achieve a heat resistance of R=2.72 (m2·K/W). However, to achieve the same resistance using an EPS, XPS or Lana de Roca panel, the panel would have to be around 10-cm thick.

Technical data

Installation on any type of support, continuous or discontinuous:

• Wooden Structure
• Ceramic Partitions
• Forged Concrete
• Metallic Structure
• Prestressed Joists

Best insulation value on the market.


The system is ideal for use in both repairing and refurbishing old roofs as well as in new projects thanks to its low weight and high resistance which mean that it can be installed onto most existing roof support structures: wooden structures, prestressed concrete joists, metal structures and ceramic brick partitions. Alternatively, they can also be used on continuous supporting structures such as concrete beams or wooden panels.
Depending on the roof support structure onto which the BORJATHERM system is to be installed, a mechanical fixing method must be used to guarantee the stability and durability of the roofing system.

This roofing system can be used with any type of roof tile, from interlocking and flat tiles to curved tiles with support nibs. The important thing is to guarantee that the tiles are fixed to the battens in a way that complies with standard UNE-136020.

BORJATHERM is a ventilated roof insulation system. Consequently, every joint in the roof must be executed in a way which allows air to flow between the tiles and the support system. This is why the appropriate fixing methods will always be mechanical or involve the use of special tile adhesives. Mortar should never be used.

By following the simple instructions when installing the system, you will avoid the main problems which could arise with the roof. The large, uniform ventilated cavity between the tiles and the panels prevents condensation while also facilitating the drying of the ceramic tiles to prevent breakages caused by ice in critical areas of the structure.



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