Discover the novelties in ceramic roof tiles – 2020 collection!

TEJAS BORJA presents 120 YEARS, its general catalog.

After 120 years of passionated dedication to the manufacture of clay roofing tiles, we have it clear: we love what we do as we love helping you to make your dreams and projects come true and be a part of so many homes of so many families around the world.
Five generations of passion and love for what we do is reflected in our products. For this reason, we invite you to continue joining us on this great journey being the engine of our inspiration for another 120 years.

THE REVOLUTION is the New Dossier 2018 of Tejas Borja.

A comprehensive summary of the technological revolution with which our company improves the way of manufacturing, decorating and installation systems of ceramic roof tiles.
Exclusive processes and innovative solutions for architects, builders and installers.
Now, the projects may be unique.
Create. Innovate. Lead.

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