Find all the certifications on ceramic roof tiles and accessories from Tejas Borja.

Throughout our history in the manufacture of ceramic tiles, our main objective has been to offer the market ceramic tiles of the highest level, in line with the needs of innovation in the current market and ensuring continuous improvement in our environmental performance. Tejas Borja’s environmental management system allows for this by establishing specific goals, analysed from a life cycle perspective, and ensuring that all Tejas Borja ceramic accessories and rooftiles are manufactured under the ISO 14001:2015 certification with certificate reference ES17/21541.

In addition, the company has ISO 50001:2018 certification that demonstrates continuous improvement in relation to energy efficiency, controlling costs, optimising consumption, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by monitoring production processes through UNE EN ISO 50001:2018 certification of Energy Management Systems “SGEn”- certificate ES22/00000746.
As a member of the Spanish Association of Clay Brick and Roof Tile Manufacturers (Hispalyt), TEJAS BORJA communicates the Environmental Product Declaration for clay roof tiles and ceramic accessories which is verified by an independent third party AENOR and published in the AENOR GlobalEPD programme.

See document: EPD – roof tiles (en)

Ceramic roof tiles manufactured by Tejas Borja have the Declaration of performance (CE Marking). The tiles manufactured by extrusion process and / or pressing, have technical sheet (Quality certification) AENOR.

In the following table you will find all the certifications of the Tejas Borja roof tiles, including the AENOR, AFNOR, MIAMI-DADE, ICC-ES and the Declaration of performance ( CE Mark). Other special certifications are indicated on the page of each roof tile.

The accessoires are certified in the AENOR technical sheet of the corresponding tile (see Accessories section).


The certified characteristics for the NF Terracotta tiles are compliant with the requirements of the NF EN 1304 standard: Structural faults, the geometric characteristics , resistance to flexural strength , impermeability (class 1), frost resistance according to the NF EN 539-2 standard for all products made with red mixture. AFNOR Certification: 11 rue Francis de Pressensé // 93571 LA PLAINE SAINT-DENIS CEDEX //www.marque-nf.com


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