Tejas Borja presents the new Advanced Roofing System: BorjaSAT

System BorjaSAT was created to respond to the need for new sloping roof solutions which meet the technical and energy efficiency requirements of today’s construction industry.
A waterproof breathable membrane is installed onto a continuous and level supporting structure, made either of concrete or wood, and the joins are sealed using roofing adhesive tape. If the structure has already been waterproofed using another method (asphalt sheeting, EPDM, PVC, etc.) this first step is unnecessary.

The BorjaSAT insulation panels are positioned over the waterproofing. The alignment of the panels depends on the batten spacing required for the tiles which are going to be installed over them. As indicated on the panels, if they are positioned with the wide side of the panel parallel to the eaves line they can be used for tiles with a 37-cm batten spacing; if the panels are positioned with the narrow side parallel to the eaves line they can be used for tiles with a 39.5-cm batten spacing.

BorjaSAT panels are made entirely from Neopor® Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), regarded as one of the best insulation materials which has numerous applications in construction.

Neopor® provides high levels of thermal insulation because it contains small particles of graphite which absorb or reflect infrared radiation, making it 20% more energy efficient than other EPS products.


The BorjaSAT insulation panel is manufactured in three thicknesses: 60, 100 and 140 mm. It has a thermal conductivity coefficient of λ=0,031 W/m·K to meet the thermal insulation requirements of all projects. When they are installed on the exterior of the roof structure they form a continuous layer of insulation without thermal bridges.

The panels must always be installed onto a continuous supporting structure and over a waterproof membranee, to ensure the roof is completely watertight in the event of condensation or the accidental breakage of roof tiles.


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7 de December de 2021

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