Length: 475 mm
Width: 260 mm
Weight: 3,50 Kg./roof tile
Units/sq.m.: 11 roof tiles
Useful length: (Batten distance) VARIABLE: 395 - 410 mm
Units per ml eave line: 4.52 - 4.74

Minimum pitch recommended: 30% – 17º (*)
Useful width: 221 – 211 mm
Palet data: 280 units/ 1.027 Kgs.
minimum order: 7 roof tiles



The TBS+ roof tile is a new S-Interlocking roof tile format, where the resemblance to curved tiles once installed on the roofs is much more faithful to the barrel tiles.

The TBS+ tile has a curved profile in the ridge part and a pronounced counter-curve in the channel part.

It has a lateral and longitudinal interlocking system, multiple discontinuous, which ensures the watertightness of the roof from a 30% slope.
The optimal installation on sloping roofs is on a batten system or equivalent. It has VARIABLE batten steps (useful lenght – from 39.5 to 41 cm) and also has VARIABLE useful width. With 11 tiles per sq.m., their installation is done through the interlocking system and fixed with screws through the pre-marked holes.

Approximate values: If the roof tiles are installed on battens, the useful length must be calculated on site.
A tolerance of ± 2% is allowed on the dimensions of the roof tiles according to UNE – EN 1024.

Type: Double lateral overlapping and double longitudinal overlapping. Installation must comply with Code of practice for the design and fixing of roofs with clay roofing tiles for the region and Tejas Borja specifications.

(*) Check pitch pannel according to the roof length and the geographical area.

Quality approvals (downloads)

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