C-50.21 Celler® (BorjaBLANC)


Length: 500 mm
Width: 210mm / 170 mm
Weight: 2,40 kg
Units/sq.m.: 18 tejas
Units per ml eave line: 8 tejas

Weight per sq. m.: 43 Kg
Units per lm ridge: 2,5 tejas
Units per lm edge: 2,5 tejas
Max. overlap: 19,0 cm
Min. overlap: 8,0 cm
Recommended support: Metallic or Treated Wood Battens (*) / Under-tile roof sheet
Dry installation using: Curved roof tile fixing clip
Roof Tiles per pallet (Nature): 250 units / 620 kg
Roof Tiles per pallet (Centenaria®): 225 units / 570 kg
Roof Tiles per pallet (Blanca Jaspeada): 225 units / 576 kg
Minimum order: 9 roof tiles (centenaria)/10 roof tiles (nature)

CURVED roof tiles

CURVED roof tiles

Curved roof tile are the most widely-used roof tile format.

Curved roof tile with smooth curvature profile of 50 cm. in length and 21 cm. wide, which forms a gutter profile roof; its design allows different overlap measures between the parts. The edges tend to be convergent, resulting a wide end and another narrow to facilitate the assembly of pans and covers with the same format.

To ensure their optimal installation, C-50.21 Celler® roof tiles should be installed using the Step 50/45 as a pan and should be fixed to a support previously prepared with a double batten layout.
Curved roof tiles can also be dry installed on under-tile Corrugated bitumen sheet or Fiber cement sheets.

Watch video for fitting instrutions on YouTube.

Also available in BorjaCLASS : Manufacturing using high-quality, very fine, red sintered clay. Very low absortion and extremely strong.

Valores aproximados: Se deberá instalar cumpliendo la norma UNE – 136020 de diseño y montaje de cubiertas con tejas cerámicas y las especificaciones de Tejas Borja.
(*) Instalación en seco idónea con la teja curva C-50.21 Celler® y la Talón 50/45.

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