Tejas Borja presents the new ceramic roof tile TBS+

Always trying to provide efficient and innovative solutions, and attentive to the needs of the market for the launch of products that meet current demands, Tejas Borja presents a new model of S-Interlocking ceramic roof tile.

The TBS+ ceramic roof tile is manufactured with a similar manufacturing technology to the TB-10 Tech roof tile, but with certain improvements related to installation.

This new model of S-interlocking roof tile has a pronounced S-shape, which makes the similarity to curved tile roofs much closer once installed on the roof.
Manufactured in high quality red clay and with a very fine atomised finish. It has transversal and longitudinal overlaps that ensure total watertightness on the roof, respecting the minimum installation slope.


Foto detalle S

TBS+ ceramic roof tile


In terms of installation, it is recommended that it is fitted and fixed to battens with screws or nails through the pre-marked hole. In addition, the new TBS+ has been designed for a variable batten distance between 395 and 410 mm, to adapt to existing battens in renovation or to facilitate the adjustment of courses in new skirts, minimising the cutting of pieces. The useful width also allows some adjustment on site with a useful width between 211 and 221 mm.

Acople 1

Variable batten distance

Acople 2

Variable overlap



It is also suitable for installation with the two highly energy-efficient roof insulation systems, BorjaSAT and BORJATHERM, in its 395 mm batten pitch.
The new TBS+ S-Interlocking roof tile is currently available in 3 recognised finishes in the Tejas Borja catalogue: Red, Manoir and Centenaria Ground, with plans to extend the range of finishes to a total of 8 colours.














This new product from Tejas Borja is defined by its low absorption and high resistance with minimum weight, as with only 11 units per square metre it constitutes only 35.5 kg/sq.m..

TBS+ tail detail front and back

TBS+ detail

The TBS+ tile is the first ceramic tile format launched on the market by Tejas Borja since its recent incorporation to the Edilians Group, leaders in the manufacture of ceramic tiles in France.




3 de October de 2022

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