The solar tile revolution

Tejas Borja, as part of its commitment to continuous improvement, is working constantly to enhance the design and functionality of its products and roofing systems.

Innovation and the implementation of new technologies in our production lines have led to a step change in what ceramic tiles are like, how they are manufactured, how they are decorated and what they are used for.

The importance of innovation in our sector has been determined by the requirements of the market. A market which is increasingly demanding. A market which demands the best materials, a greater use of technology, faster installation times and more efficient roofs.

In this context, Tejas Borja is joining a new revolution in roofing by having developed a single product which combines both style and energy efficiency. Thanks to these technological developments, Tejas Borja has expanded its catalogue to include a range of products which harvest solar energy.


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These products integrate perfectly into the flat ceramic tiles in the “Flat” range so that they have minimal impact on the original design of the project.

The SOLAR FLAT-5XL ceramic tile, which has a solar panel on the large ceramic base of the roof tile, preserves the dimensions of the original ceramic tile and is still completely flat.

The choice of materials for a roof is crucial to guarantee its durability, watertightness, energy efficiency and to protect the home. For this reason the SOLAR Flat-5XL ceramic tile integrates perfectly into the profile of the building, minimizing the visual impact of the solar tiles. It has a matt black finish which is uniform (full-black) and anti-reflective. Moreover, the cell connections in the panel are practically invisible.

The ceramic base is available in all the finishes offered for the Flat-5XL tile, including the BorjaJET range of finishes, rendered using ceramic digital printing.

The SOLAR FLAT-5XL ceramic tile is available in two solar energy harvesting formats: monocrystalline and CIGS. The two types of solar panels use different technologies to better adapt to each project’s energy generation requirements and available space.

Teja cerámica SOLAR Flat-5XL

SOLAR Flat-5XL ceramic tile


Teja cerámica SOLAR Flat-5XL

SOLAR Flat-5XL technical specifications


The SOLAR FLAT-5XL MONOCRYSTALLINE tile provides excellent photovoltaic cell performance and high output in low light conditions, although they are sensitive to partial shade. However, the tiles provide greater peak power per square metre than those using other types of solar cells.

On the other hand, the SOLAR FLAT-5XL CIGS* tile, which uses the latest high efficiency solar cell technology, provides high output in low light conditions, meaning the cells capture more light from the spectrum. Moreover, it is the most effective cell in shaded conditions, and is more environmentally friendly because it doesn’t contain heavy metals.

* CIGS is the acronym which denotes the latest solar cell technology made using copper, indium, gallium and selenide, and which is free from cadmium and lead.

Gama SOLAR de Tejas Borja

Tejas Borja’s SOLAR range


As another option in the Tejas Borja solar range, we offer a format compatible with our other flat ceramic tile model, the Flat-10. The SOLAR FLAT-10 tile is the same size as 5 ceramic tiles with the same model name and incorporates CIGS technology in its photovoltaic panel.

Gama SOLAR de Tejas Borja

SOLAR Flat-10 Tile


Gama SOLAR de Tejas Borja

SOLAR Flat-10 tile technical specifications


In the SOLAR Flat-10 tile, the solar panel is added onto an anodized aluminium base, which is an ideal material for photovoltaic installations thanks to its high resistance, low weight and durability.

When are solar tiles a good option?

Whatever the type of project, be it a new build or renovation works, our solar tiles are designed to fit perfectly onto and provide a watertight seal for sloping roofs when installed together with their corresponding ceramic tiles (Flat-5XL or Flat-10).

To optimize the efficiency of solar energy capture, the sloping roof should preferably be facing south and have a minimum slope of 30%, the equivalent of 17º.

SOLAR tiles, both the Flat-5XL and Flat-10 formats, must always be installed on ventilated roofs, using a double batten or equivalent system. The integration of the tiles into the roof is achieved by finishing the roof with ceramic tiles and their corresponding special pieces.

In the case of roofs which have already been installed using ceramic tiles from the “Flat” range, as long as the recommended installation system has been used, the existing ceramic tiles can be substituted for equivalent solar tiles in the corresponding Flat format.

Tejas Borja does not guarantee the compatibility of their solar tiles with other tile formats or similar products.

At Tejas Borja, we have a technical team who can give advice on the design and specifications of a roof installation using SOLAR tiles, depending on the needs and requirements of each project.

We carry out feasibility studies to optimise the installation according to its power generation requirements. We recommend the ideal solar solution using available products. We propose a tile layout based on building plans, including a cable diagram and measurements. And we also provide a quote for every project.


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10 de May de 2021

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